The Best Products For Taking Care Of Garden Turf

When you have bought and laid your turf, and have a beautiful green garden, you need to consider how to maintain it.


Once you buy turf online, and it has been placed, healthy new turf will grow quickly, and will need mowing often if you want to preserve a short, neat look. You should mow your turf as soon as it has become embedded in the ground it was laid on, and will not be dislodged by the mower. This will probably be from two to five days after it was laid, and you should mow it when the grass reaches about 30mm in height. Your turf will grow at various rates at different times of the year, and you should mow it as often as it needs, not letting it get longer than you want it to be. Cylinder and rotary mowers with sharp blades are the best products for keeping your lawn trim.

Watering and Drainage

When your turf is delivered, it should be a healthy rich green in colour. If is does not receive enough water, or too much, or may go yellow or brown and begin to die. To help your turf thrive, you should regulate the amount of water it receives. To ensure this, you need to apply water to the roots regularly. In new turf, the roots will be as deep as the turf is thick, and will deepen as the turf becomes embedded in the soil is was laid in. Watering by hand can be time-consuming and inaccurate. A sprinkler is the best product to invest in, as it gives your garden turn an even, accurate watering. In the hotter months, it is advisable to water new turf every day, and once a week after it has been in place for over six weeks. Watering your turf before noon gives it time to absorb and dry a little before sunset.


Lawn fertiliser should be applied to your soil before you buy turf online, as the roots of the grass in your garden turf will grow deep into your original soil, seeking nutrients. A rotary spreader is a good product to invest in to ensure that fertiliser reaches all of your turn, preventing patches of different health levels and colours. You may also wish to buy moss and weed killer to give your garden a clean, uniform look.

These are the most important factors in taking care of garden turn so that it remains healthy, neat an attractive.

Q lawns are part of a farming enterprise that was established in 1942. They cultivate over 1,000 acres of a variety of garden turfs, and customers can buy turf online.